About Boxer Shorts®

Each Boxer Shorts® is not a simple underwear item; it is a concept, a way of life. They are designed in Barcelona and produced in Portugal by professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

All Boxer Shorts® are 100% cotton, with a smooth cut, allowing excellent comfort. They are packed in tissue paper to preserve the quality of all materials during shipment.

Created with an intention and purpose, they are a versatile piece that adapts to any occasion, be it formal or informal, with a classic silhouette, always using the best fabrics and materials, all of Portuguese origin. The main goal was not to make a product for people to walk on the street to show. It's a piece of underwear, so it's not to walk the show. We are trying to sell a concept where the person can feel good about himself without having to show other people what he is using.

We are defenders of the rights of the worker and for this very reason we want to guarantee that all the work done for the brand is duly rewarded, without any type of exploitation.

Boxer Shorts® uses the direct to consumer concept where there are no intermediaries from production to end customer. This allows the brand to have 100% control over the quality of all the services provided, drastically reducing the fixed costs and, consequently, the final price. In this way it is possible to reduce the margin, achieving a competitive advantage over the other brands in the market.

Quality is one of the distinguishing factors of Boxer Shorts and one reason is that it is a 100% Portuguese brand. The products are made in Crivedi, in Trofa, and all controlled from the cut until they leave for delivery to the customer.

Boxers are 100% natural cotton and only by cutting and fitting can they prove to be different from the boxers that are usually on sale in other brands,

It is that these pieces are cut on the sides and open at the front, which, despite spending more fabric and more expensive production, is also more comfortable for those who use it, an essential requirement.