Meet the Founder

"I began to think that as online is growing more and more, this could be an opportunity to relaunch Boxer Shorts."
António Archer is 26 years old and responsible for the rebirth of the brand created in 1991. The beginning dates back to 2014, when Antonio's father bought Throttleman. The brand had changed its name around the year 2000, but Crivedi, a family company, had already provided the production from the beginning, when it was still Boxer Shorts.

After graduating in Design, the young man from Porto went to work for Throttleman in 2016. First as a designer and then to relaunch the brand online. At the end of this process, Throttleman was sold to the group Lanidor, but Boxer Shorts continued to belong to Crivedi and it was from here that the great change took place. The brand stood aside and António went to Barcelona to take his master's degree in Digital Marketing in 2018. When he finished the training he went through a Spanish company of sandals for women and it was precisely there that the desire to give a new way to the Boxer Shorts was reborn.

From there began to develop the idea, to draw the collection and since November 2018 that the store is online. Currently, António Archer continues in Barcelona, already responsible for the digital area of an international company. He has a studio where he does his job as a designer and it is at night that he dedicates more time to his own brand.

The first production was 1200 units and before Christmas 80% were already sold. At this moment it is advancing with a second production, this time with a greater number of pieces. Customer response could not be better.
"People say they are happy that the brand has come back and that it is good to relaunch the brand and show that the national product is good too. From there I was creating new models. People like the materials, feel comfortable and even suggested that we have fairer models. "

Being an online brand, a problem that seems recurring is the need for customers to feel about testing the product, feel the fabric. For this reason, António plans to open a showroom in Porto and another in Lisbon, so that customers can get to know the products. Still, the spaces will not have direct sales.
“We have many customers who make the first purchase of a model still to fear and after a week they order three or four because they like. "

Quality is one of the distinguishing factors of Boxer Shorts and one reason is that it is a 100% Portuguese brand. The products are made in Crivedi, in Trofa, and all controlled from the cut until they leave for delivery to the customer.
“ The boxers are 100% natural cotton and only by the cut and the fitting can prove that they are different from the boxers that are normally for sale in the other brands, "

It is that these pieces are cut on the sides and open at the front, which, despite spending more fabric and more expensive production, is also more comfortable for those who use it, an essential requirement.
“ The main goal was not to make a product for people to walk on the street to show. It's a piece of underwear, so it's not to walk the show. We are trying to sell a concept in which the person can feel good about himself without having to show other people what he is using.”